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Gotta hurry only 3 weeks left to get ready for Viva Las Vegas.

Rick Murray's 49 Merc Roadster-pickup "Heart Breaker"
Rick Murray left and Kola Kid right.
Note: those trophies in the background are not from sponsoring Little League.

After 60 years not too many things surprise me or even arouse my once fierce, competitive spirit, ...until I viewed an email denial notice from Axle Idzardi and the Shifters car club about entry into the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show for 2010. (I should point out that these are my personal opinions.) In fairness to Axle Idzardi, the show is called VLV SHIFTERS CAR SHOW at VLV13. I guess that means the car show belongs to the shifters and they can do anything or reject any car they want...but not without getting a few comments from me. Read the email denial notice here.

They are not going let this new dazzling custom enter their show, perhaps because they have entered their own car, the purple people eater. This tired old rag was first covered in a magazine in 2001. Its almost ten years old. Some reports say it is now actually running. ( Recording Studio Karate Kids seo )

Take a look at the nose of Heart Breaker above. 49 Merc front-end narrowed 23 inches, molded hood, 51 Merc grill and 50s styled frenched 49 Merc front bumper, metal worked license plate receiver, and frenched headlights. I do not believe anyone in the Shifters Car Club could even envision something like this let alone perform the hours of welding and metal fabrication. Now I'm no fortune teller but I am willing to bet "Heart Breaker" will "crush" any of the Shifters bullshit traditional hot rods, classics and customs. Hey Idzardi, what exactly is a custom? Here is the motor. Go here to read my comments. Denver Towing

All text and photographs copyright Richard Wise 2010