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Cash for junk cars, no title, no tires - L and D Towing - Denver, Colorado

Denver Towing and Auto Salvage Services from L and D

We are the most trusted and sought after parking enforcement service in Denver, CO. It is because we keep a watchful eye over your property at all times. We provide at least one driver to your property every day of the week. We are committed to our reliable parking enforcement service.

You may own or manage; apartment buildings, business buildings, manufacturing buildings or commercial buildings and you can rely on us for professional parking enforcement service. Our parking enforcement towing is always damage free as well. We are a fully insured company so you never have to worry about vehicle damages when you hire us. These are some of the features of our parking enforcement service:

Cost effective—We make sure the parking on your property is secured for authorized personnel when you hire us.

24/7 Availability—Hire us for the parking enforcement of any property in Denver, CO.

Constant Vigilance—You can rely on us for 24/7 parking enforcement services.

Cash for junk cars, no title, no tires - L and D Towing - Denver, Colorado

Lock Outs - Jump Starts - Flat Tire Changes - Fuel Delivery

Fire lanes
Handicap lanes
Parking on sidewalk or grass
Blocking dumpsters
Blocking entry or exits
Abandoned vehicles, flat tires, leaking fluids
Expired tags, false tags, no plates
Doubled parked
Large commercial vehicles
Too many residences and not enough parking
Snow Removal Areas
Parking Permit Management


L&D Towing and Auto Salvage
P.O. Box 1424
Wheat Ridge CO. 80034
Phone 720-435-8394
Fax: 303-422-2773

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