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New Mexico - Albuquerque Street rods, Hot Rods, Rat rods, customs, classics, and Muscle Cars


American Car Prospector / Street Rods Albuquerque 

Street Rod Detective and Hot Rod Hunter John Hames, star of the American Car Prospector in Albuqueque soon.Albuquerque Street Rod Detective

Exploring remote locations for what remains of the iconic cars that shaped our Automotive Culture, ACP unearths stories of the people who built & own them.

All across this country, generations of Americans have grown up with and been fascinated by the evolution of Automotive development and technology. But more than that, our vehicles have become personal expressions of who we are and the lives we live. The American Car Prospector is about the average guy and his love of cars, particularly his own car.

New Mexico Hot Rod Hunter

The American Car Prospector travels the back roads of America in search of privately held Vintage and Classic Cars. In the process he explores their history and their impact on our culture and their owners. Some well loved, some abandoned and neglected, the influence these vehicles have had on our society and in our personal lives encourages the guests and viewers to share their experiences and engage with The American Car Prospector rather than simply watch a restoration project.

Our stories cross generations from Great Grandfathers to new drivers, many of whom are either driving their classic and vintage cars, or spending their spare time to get them back on the road. These are not 'high end restorations by wealthy car collectors, but instead, the every man's' daily driver. Sometimes a little rusty (I'm fixing that!), a little noisy (It's supposed to sound that way!), and wrapped up with all the pride, sentiment and promise of freedom that only a loved car can bring.
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Street Rods: 50 Merc Chopped top, donated as a get well gift for Tom Martinez, by Rick Murray of the Krazy Kreations Car Club in Denver, Colorado. Completed in only 8 and a half hours. John Hames, of the American Car Prospector, in association with Kyle Rasmussen at Blue Tower Studio compiled and edited this video. Voice overs by John Hames and Rick Murray. Still photography and original video courtesy of Richard Wise at


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